Embracing the Unexpected: When AI Mirrors the Fleeting Moments of Our Expressions.

• Deep understanding of artificial intelligence principles and its application in creating visual content.
• Proficiency in classical artistic techniques, including drawing, painting, and composition.
• Experience working with software and tools related to artificial intelligence, including generative algorithms, neural networks, and computer vision.
• Creative thinking and the ability to apply innovative approaches in art and design.
• Ability to work in a team and effectively collaborate and exchange ideas with colleagues and clients.
• Developed unique visual concepts and artworks using artificial intelligence.
• Applied generative art algorithms to create aesthetically appealing images.
• Created and edited digital content using AI-based software.
• Collaborated with clients to create unique and innovative visual solutions that meet their requirements and expectations.
This work delves into power, spirituality, and human vulnerability, symbolized by a figure in red resembling a Catholic cardinal or even the Pope, embodying religious authority. Yet, his weary or contemplative demeanor suggests the weight of such power or a reevaluation of his role and influence. The scene, rich in symbolism, invites reflection on religion's historical and contemporary role, its strength, limitations, and interaction with its followers.

A black woman holding a white rat introduces additional symbolism, with the rat representing survival, adaptability, and possibly change or transformation. Within the religious context, the white rat could signify purity, innocence, or redemption, challenging its typically negative perception. The contrast between the woman's dark skin and the rat's white color may evoke themes of duality or balance between light and darkness, suggesting true purity and holiness stem from one's inner self and actions rather than appearance.

Moreover, the rat, potentially seen as a disease carrier in religious art, symbolizing sin or faith trials, is reinterpreted through the woman's gentle care as a symbol of healing and compassion. These elements together create a complex composition, prompting diverse interpretations and emotional responses, encouraging thoughts on prejudice, compassion, redemption, and religion's intricate societal role.
"Alice in Wonderland" created in just one evening with the help of AI.
This is not merely an experiment; it's a deep dive into a world where technology brings fantasy to life.

  1. Midjourney: This is where the visual work began. Using AI, I created unique images for our video, each piece a fragment of Alice's world.
  2. Runway: Next came animation. This phase transformed static images into living scenes, infusing our project with dynamics and emotions.
  3. Suno: Music added depth. With AI, I composed a soundtrack that perfectly complemented the atmosphere of the video.
  4. CapCut: And finally, editing. By combining all elements in CapCut, I brought our short film to life.
The result is a demonstration of how AI can be used for creativity and the production of unique projects in a tight timeframe. "Alice in Wonderland," created in one evening, is just the beginning.

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